DOWA HOLDINGS Acquired Highest-Level Environmental Rating from Development Bank of Japan.

23, July , 2009


Dowa Holdings Co., Ltd. after acquiring the highest-level rating from DBJ for its environmental management on 22July, 2009, received a loan from Development Bank of Japan Inc. (DBJ),


DBJDBJ has developed financing system based on environmental ratings, whereby DBJ evaluates the companies' environmental soundness and applies three-stage interest rates depending on the scores given to respective firms.

The DOWA Group actively contributes to global environmental protection through various business enterprise such as environmental recycling, Nonferrous Metals Segment, Electronic Materials Segment, Metal Processing Segment and Heat Treatment Segment.


The DOWA Group has acquired the highest-level environmental rating from DBJ because of the following business:

  1. The recovery and recycling of a variety of valuable metals from scrapped mobile telephones, consumer electronics and appliances, and other devices.
  2. The pioneer approaches such as waste disposal, soil remediation and recycling business in broad area in Asia.

Additionally, business aimed at carbon neutral such as destruction of approximately 200 thousand ton of CFC per year as well as CDM projects abroad was also valued, and the DOWA Group acquired the highest rank as "Enterprises evaluated as notably advanced in environmental soundness in their business activities".


The DOWA Group will further strengthen our environmentally friendly CSR management such as through prevention of global warming, and continue to deal with the environmental conservation in Asia through our environment business.

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