Kid's Museum

Kid’s Museum

On this page, pictures drawn by the children of DOWA Group employees, for the cover picture contest of the DOWA group’s CSR report, are shown.

The DOWA Group has used children’s drawings as cover of the Environmental Report (or CSR report since 2007), in order to make children, who will be responsible for next generation, make aware of the environment. Every winter, we ask to the children under 12 of the DOWA group’s employees to apply for the contest, and the contesters use the winter vacation time for drawing.

Before, we used to put all the applied pictures on the report, however, since 2007 we decided to put on the special web pages called "DOWA KIDS MUSEUM" only, because the number of contesters became too many to put on one published report.

It would be appreciable if as many people as possible can see the drawings.

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Kid’s Museum