CSR Procurement Policy


We, the DOWA Group, promote the understandings of our suppliers regarding the DOWA Group CSR procurement policy, and endeavor with its infiltration. Upon the selection of our suppliers, we fairly/ justly and comprehensively evaluate/ select them by adding the approach of S (Sustainability) towards social responsibilities, such as environmental conservation and consideration for human rights, to Q (Quality), C (Cost), and D (Delivery).

We work on establishing the relationship of mutual trust with our suppliers and aim for each other to flourish as a manufacturing partner of excellent products that can accurately respond to the various needs of our customers.

1. Compliance/ Fair Transactions

We prioritize compliance as well as fairness/ equity, and bear in mind to do business with our suppliers as equals. As a premise before transactions, we kindly request our suppliers to comply with all related laws as well as social norms.

2. Optimum Quality and Reasonable Price

Under cooperation with our suppliers, we provide products that secure the required quality by our customers at a reasonable price. We kindly ask our suppliers for the arrangement of a quality assurance system and the provision of materials/ services at a price with market competitiveness.

3. Establishment of a Stable Supply System

We establish BCPs (Business Continuity Planning) in each company of our group, and put effort into the stable supply of products for our customers even in times of emergencies such as when a disaster occurs. We kindly ask our suppliers to formulate a stable supply system with materials/ services as well as work on risk management in times of emergencies such as unexpected disasters in order to secure reliable shipment.

4. Sustainability

In order to contribute to the realization of a sustainable society, we put effort into resource circulation based on the 3R (Re-duce, Re-use, Re-cycle), and promote the preferential purchase of materials/ equipment that have less impact on the environment (green procurement). We kindly ask our suppliers to conserve the environment, respect human rights, and secure occupational safety and health. Also, as a procurement standard, we emphasize on having a management system for continuously improving sustainability.

5. Protection of Information

We will not disclose confidential information of our suppliers to third parties without approval. We kindly request our suppliers to protect confidentiality through strict management of confidential information as well as personal information acquired through transactions with the Dowa group. At the same time we ask for the information not to be released outside of the company without approval of us.

6. CSR Procurement Guideline

We promote procurements based on the DOWA Group CSR Procurement Guideline. We kindly ask our suppliers to inform the DOWA Group CSR Procurement Policy to their supplies in order to continue practicing CSR procurement as a supply chain.

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